Welcome to Dryja.com!

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This is the generic site for Michael and Sherry Dryja. We rarely update it, so forgive us if it is woefully out of date. If you’re here, you’re either a friend or someone seeking more info about what we do for a living. If you’re a friend, find us on Facebook! We’re both fairly active there. If you’re seeking more info about what we do for a living, scroll down to link over to our professional websites.

PS: If you know anything about us, you know we love our dog. The pup in the photo is Lukas, our rescue dog from AZ RESCUE in Arizona. He’s a gentleman, a survivor (he beat the streets AND cancer!), and a real king of a dog! That’s why we call him The King!

mikeMichael Dryja is a registered patent attorney, focusing on patent procurement for complex computer technologies, including software and semiconductor technologies.

His legal practice website can be found at Dryjapat.com.

When Mike’s not working, he is usually researching a new tech gadget or appliance, gardening, trying a new craft beer, or planning travel.

IMG_1668Sherry Dryja is a food and style writer in Seattle, Washington. She is a regular contributor to The Beer Connoisseur Magazine. When she’s feeling extra inspired by food, she spins out additional recipes over at Kitchen Dilettante.

Her most recent passion is her style blog, Petite Over 40, where she tries on the iconic fashions from eras gone by and updates them for today’s petite woman over 40.

When she’s not working on food or style, she’s chipping away at her novel and learning lots from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in Seattle. She does have other interests, such as travel, but next to Mike, writing is her true love.

To see her full writing portfolio, head over to her author page at sherrydryja.com.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Dryja.com!

  1. Hi Sherry….
    Writing you after soooooo many days..I hope you haven’t forgotten me.I thought to drop you mail 100 times & then something or the other kept coming..Right now we are at Seattle at our friend’s place for few days enjoying awesome weather. I know you both share a special relation with Seattle. Today finally I drop you invitation on Linkdin & it took to me to your blog…I went through most of it…& you don’t know what a pleasant surprise it was for me..I was more happy because you have lots of Vegetarian recipes.(I still remember tasting salad made by you one day at RFBD)
    My all the wishes are with you.You keep writing & I will keep reading..
    Keep in touch.

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